Biergarten? Das’s gut.

Plants? Got em. Custom-Made High-Tops? Plenty.

Some of the best beer in Athens? Not a doubt.

We have always loved our beers, our food has never fallen short of greatness, and the company around the brewery is unmatched. But still, we felt like there was something missing. Something that tied amazing beer, delicious food, and wonderful people together. A place that transports you from our little-big city of Athens, and puts you in an alternate space – meant only for deep breathes and big gulps.

We started with the plants. We had Akademia agents going around local nurseries to find the prettiest and most lush plantlife to surrounded our new beer haven. Flowers, foliage, small plants, big plants, palm trees, some yard-weeds we thought looked pretty (who decides what is a weed or a flower anyways?!), and whatever else looked nice.

The next question was presentation. How do we show off these beautiful green friends in a way that is unique to us? Then we remembered what we do best – brew cool beer. Our head brewer and co-founder, Morgan, gave us the greenlight to use the bourbon barrels from our latest batch of barrel aged stouts to cut open and turn into planters. Realizing we still had droves of these bourbon-scented-beuties, we sent the rest off to become custom hightops!

Now, the front of the brewery is framed by a beautiful scene – plants, palm trees, and happy faces to enjoy the freshly completed Akademia Biergarten.

Keep your eyes open for events and live music to be held in the Akademia Biergarten, as well as things going on in the Event Space, Dining Room, and the Akademia Lounge.

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